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A "newbie" at studio∙3 Pilates…

A "newbie" at studio∙3 Pilates…

A testimonial from one of our new clients…

I have always been an active person, but never had I followed a working out schedule so well until I started a local companies “10 week program to getting healthy!”  Those first 10 weeks came and went and I felt amazing.  Almost like I could climb a mountain and still have energy to do it again.  I had muscles growing in places I didn’t even know I could get them and my clothes started to feel quite a bit looser.  So, naturally, I signed up for their “maintenance” program to continue doing what I had been doing six days a week.  But after six months, my body wasn’t changing at all.  I was putting in all this effort and getting no results.  My girlfriend and my husband were doing it with me and their bodies kept changing, why not mine?  I wasn’t going to stop, I was going to keep going if it killed me because, it it could work for them, it could work for me!!!  And I kept doing this for another year until I just couldn’t take it any more.

Enter February 2010 – It is almost going to kill me at this point mentally.  My body wasn’t giving up but my mind and spirit were.  I am now so frustrated as my body won’t loose any weight, my muscles didn’t seem to be changing and I have adjusted everything.  My diet… the color of bands I am using for resistance…  giving myself  a break and only working out 4-5 times a week…  How could I put so much effort into something and not see a result.  Why?!

I had been wanting to inquire about starting up pilates again as I have done it in the past but for some reason I never did.  Then, one day, I did.  I don’t know why – check with the big guy upstairs.  He has my control in his hands.  But when I came in and met with Amanda initially, I felt like I could breath and it was going to be okay.  My body was fine and normal.  I was just not working out correctly.  We talked for awhile and she got a feel for what I had been doing and then we started a few exercises and that is when Amanda figured it all out, quite quickly actually.

Amanda taught me one very critical piece of information that has stuck with me since day 1.  I was working out from the outside in and we needed to work on working out from the inside out!  Sounds so simple… and it is now.  I have been religiously going to pilates 2-3 times a weeks for about two months and I have seen changes in places I didn’t think would ever change.  My clothes are fitting better. My back, shoulder and neck don’t seem to be bothering me as much.  And best of all, I feel like I have control of myself in a way that I have never felt before.  It has truly been a great mind, body, and spirit journey for me.  I am so excited to see how I feel in another two months!



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