Lynnette Rasmussen

Lynnette is a PMA nationally certified Pilates instructor and a suspension exercise specialist with over 20 years in movement practice.  In addition, she is able to draw upon her 40 years as an occupational therapist working with a range of diagnoses, physical challenges, and pain to offer each client a customized approach to pain-free health and vitality. Lynnette is passionate about working with clients of all levels and skills, encouraging and empowering them to achieve their own unique goals.

Lynnette became a studio owner over 3 years ago after retiring from the University of Michigan from the Brachial Plexus Program.  In addition to her occupational therapy role, she was instrumental in launching and developing a respected Pilates Program at the Pain and Spine Program.  In past year she has gained certification in Z-Health training, which is a program that harnesses the nervous system to decrease poor movement patterns.  Her broad training and deep experience allow Lynnette to improve her clients’ quality of movement, no matter the diagnosis, physical challenge or pain they bring to the studio.

Linn Sandberg

I work with a diverse group of clients, many who experience physical limitations and medical problems. My goals are (1) to help each one of them achieve the highest degree of fitness that is appropriate for them through movement education and mindful exercise, and (2) to assist all of them in improving the quality of their lives.


Pilates is the heart and center of my work. I practice two additional movement modalities that enhance its effectiveness. Each of them facilitates addressing a variety of conditions that cause pain or difficult movement so that clients can progress more rapidly toward the goals they set, goals that are sustainable in everyday life, whether moving toward rehabilitation or high performance.     

Kathy Leonard

Kathy has taught and practiced Pilates since 2000.  After taking her first Pilates class, she immediately loved the work of Joseph Pilates.  She is a PMA nationally certified instructor, Corebarre certified and  suspension exercise specialist.  Kathy has a nursing rehab background and is passionate about helping  people incorporating healthy  movement into their lifestyles.  Kathy has been a certified rehab nurse for 30 years which included working on an acute Rehabilitation unit, outpatient treatment center, external case manager and nurse/case manager for traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputees,multiple trauma patient/clients.  

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